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The North Dakota Human Rights Coalition is appreciative to all of those who become involved. On this page you will find our Board of Directors, volunteers, and supporters.


Drekker Brewing

Drekker Brewing

Drekker Brewing is a North Dakotan owned brewery located in Fargo, ND. Their team is made up of amazing people who support human rights across the board. In July they had an imperial stout titled ‘black is beautiful’ and donated all proceeds to us, the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition! They also worked with the FM brewing industry to brew ‘low key fam’ to raise money for the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center. Drekker also used their delivery van to deliver much-needed supplies such as diapers, formula, masks, band-aids, etc, to people in Minneapolis. They are true supporters of human rights and we appreciate all they have done!

Faye Seidler - Arc of Justice Award Winner, 2020

Faye has been a tireless advocate on behalf of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer community (LGBTQ+). She does extensive research so her presentations and writings are carefully based on data and verified information interspersed with her lived experience.

 When the need for better access to healthcare for transgender individuals with low income came to Dr. Lenzmeier’s attention in 2017, he reached out to Faye about the possibility of starting a clinic near and around the Fargo-Moorhead area. Excited by the idea, Faye went on to connect Dr. Lenzmeier with Cody from Community Uplift Program, and the three spent months researching how they might open a clinic. While the prospect seemed daunting at first, the reality became more and more feasible as time went on, and so the Harbor Health Clinic opened under the nonprofit umbrella from Community Uplift Program and became the only informed consent clinic for 150 miles in the Fargo-Moorhead area at that time. At her urging, and with her help, other clinics such as Planned Parenthood and Canopy Medical Center now also offer hormone therapy using informed consent, so options have been successfully expanded for trans and nonbinary individuals looking to transition.

 She is always available for presentations before professional organizations and gatherings large and small. She provides testimony before the state legislature and city commissions and councils. She has worked to create a directory of health and mental health resources for the LGBTQ+ community. Lately she has focused on the state of youth growing up in North Dakota and is organizing efforts to create safe places for LGBTQ+ youth in every North Dakota school.’

Thank you, Faye!