The North Dakota Human Rights Coalition works to effect change so that all people in North Dakota enjoy full human rights.


The North Dakota Human Rights Coalition (NDHRC) is a broad-based coalition of individuals and organizations with an interest in the furtherance of human rights in North Dakota. We work toward the enhancement of human rights in North Dakota through information, education and legislative action.


NDHRC will:

  • Establish a trust with its members, donors, and supporters
  • Seek a common good without denying individual rights
  • Be equal and inclusive in its work
  • Insure mutual respect is given to all people
  • Use its resources to benefit humanity
  • Promote social and economic justice proactively


The NDHRC seeks to empower individuals in North Dakota in their communities, state legislature (governments), and society at large to promote and protect human rights for all people. The Coalition will accomplish its goals through organizational growth to include staff and board members from around the state; develop programs targeting legislative activity, education, employment, and other social issues; continue to build alliances with other organizations working for social justice; and sustain its infrastructure with mixed public and private support.