The North Dakota Human Rights Coalition is excited to announce the transition into our 2022 Executive Committee and two new important staff hires with the organization.

The board of directors is excited to make public the appointment of Barry Nelson as Interim Executive Director. Nelson, located in Fargo, has served in various roles with the organization, being a founding board member, board chair, and, for the past three years, as an organizer. He will oversee the budget and programming of the agency. 

The North Dakota Human Rights Coalition has also contracted with Zayden Bartosh as Regional Organizer. Stationed in Bismarck, Bartosh will help develop relationships with partners in the Western half of the state and serve as a newly developed training team member. They have been involved long-term as an organizer, activist, and trainer and are co-facilitator of QSpace, a highly recognized safe space for queer youth, and served on the board of Dakota Outright, all Bismarck. 

Continuing the organization’s vital work from a Board perspective, the Board welcomes the new 2022 Executive Committee: Martin Avery as Board Chair, Nyamal Dei as Vice-Chair, Arden Light as Treasurer, Amanda Strauss as Secretary, and Sean Coffman Past-Chair. 

North Dakota Human Rights Coalition, established as 501 (c)(3) and a state-recognized non-profit in 2002, is a statewide, membership-based organization stressing advocacy and education around human rights. They advocate for legislation and policy that protects all residents of the state and host community forums and summits regarding human rights victories and challenges. Most recently, they have worked against homophobic and transphobic legislation and legislation that has sought to suppress voter participation of Indigenous Peoples. In addition, NDHRC has actively worked to create hate crime legislation at the state and local levels.