We, the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition Board of Directors, stand firmly behind Representative Ruth Anna Buffalo in her support of Representative Ilhan Omar. The attacks Reps. Omar and Buffalo face as women of color in our current political climate are a distraction to the work they are trying to do for the betterment of not only underrepresented communities but our world community.  Ms. Buffalo previously served the NDHRC board as its chairwoman. Her leadership is exemplary. The hateful language used towards Ms. Buffalo and, more specifically, her children is shameful to our state and the media platform on which it was presented. We condemn any persons using this dangerous language in place of civil conversation on a political issue on which there is much divide. Ms. Buffalo is serving her community and state with her tireless work aimed towards the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples crisis and Human Trafficking. NDHRC supports Rep. Omar and Rep. Buffalo.