Dear friends,

What a year this has been. One could be tempted to launch into a description of all the things happening nationally and locally. But I am not. I want to tell you what an incredible year it has been for the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition. We are excited, and we hope you will be too.

Excited enough that you will renew your membership with the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition.

This year, we’ve

Held community gatherings in Fargo and Bismarck. Gatherings to also include Grand Forks and
Minot are presently being scheduled for 2019.

Held multiple rallies in support of families of missing and murdered indigenous women, of refugees and immigrants, to decry hate crimes, and regarding the Supreme Court nomination.

Held our 9th Annual North Dakota Human Rights Summit with the theme: “Intersections: Where After All does Human Rights Begin?”

Held a historic North Dakota LGBTQIA+ Summit in Mandan, ND, bringing people together from around the state, region and country to discuss important issues and their impact in our State. This annual summit will continue in 2019.

Became an affiliate with the Equality Federation which has provided us with a great range of resources, helping us become more effective and efficient. And, we received a challenge match grant which means every dollar we raise this year will be doubled in value.

So where does that bring us?

Can you think of a time, when basic human rights for so many people are threatened? Rights of basic needs, of dignity, of safety seem under siege daily, whether one is a Native American, an immigrant, a woman, a member of the LGBTQ or transgender community?

As a community, we have to be stronger, smarter and work harder to stop this erosion of basic human rights. The North Dakota Human Rights Coalition is here to be the unifying voice to protect and to expand those rights.

As we have the past three legislative sessions, a coordinator will again be on the ground at the North Dakota State Legislature which convenes January 3, 2019. We will continue our non-partisan approach and will be talking to policy makers, advocating for anti-discrimination bills, fighting back against bad policy that seeks to target or diminish groups of people. And, we will want to keep you in the loop as this happens so you have a chance to speak out.

This takes money and support.

Can we count on your support to keep the human rights movement going forward in North Dakota?Remember, your donation if given before December 31, will be doubled in value.

Join me and join the movement to ensure protections for all individuals who call North Dakota home.


Janelle Miedema
2019 Board Chair, The North Dakota Human Rights Coalition

P.S. Remember, your donation before December 31 will be doubled in value. Become a member, join
the movement. Advocate. Activate.

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