North Dakota Human Rights Coalition stands in solidarity with the families and members of the Tree of Life Congregation, Pittsburg, as they mourn the loss of their fellow members needlessly and mindlessly murdered while attending their place of worship. We stand in solidarity with our Jewish friends and neighbors in North Dakota and around the world. We stand in heart brokenness in the seemingly overwhelming display of hatred.

We acknowledge that each of us must examine our own action or lack of action that makes us complicit in this growing wave of hatred

We recognize that whenever any one person is the victim of a hate fueled murderous action we must be called to action, but we need to acknowledge that the Jewish people are experiencing this latest horrific hate through the context of a history of brutal genocide and anti-Semitism. 

We invite others to join us in the following: 

  • To examine our own complicity
  • To actively stand in support of our Jewish brothers and sisters
  • To actively stand against any and all acts of hate with our words and actions