March 17, 2017 (Fargo, ND)– The North Dakota Human Rights Coalition is excited to participate in Give OUT Day, the only national day of giving for the LGBTQ community. The 24-hour online fundraising event unites the LGBTQ community from all 50 states and D.C.  Give OUT Day 2018 takes place on Thursday, April 19, 2018 from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm Eastern. Last year, Give OUT Day raised over $750,000 to support LGBTQ nonprofits.

Throughout the day-long event, thousands of people make gifts to support a diverse array of LGBTQ nonprofits across the country, ranging from the arts to social services agencies, advocacy groups to sports leagues, and community centers to health care nonprofits.

Said Barry Nelson of the NDHRC “We are immensely proud to take part in this much-needed day of fundraising to benefit LGBTQ Americans. Our organization works to effect change so that all people in North Dakota enjoy full human rights and we hope that our community will rise to the challenge.”

“This year, in these continued challenging political and cultural times, local services and advocacy are needed now more than ever”, stated Roger Doughty, president of Horizons Foundation, the executor of the event. “Give OUT Day will raise funds and visibility for hundreds of participating organizations.”

“Few would have predicted the challenging climate we now find ourselves in, after several years of rapid progress on LGBTQ equality and increased visibility and public education,” continued Doughty. “This year on Give OUT Day, we hope to reach thousands of LGBTQ individuals and our allies to engage in supporting the organizations at the front lines of pride, dignity, justice, and joy ,” concluded Doughty.

The North Dakota Human Rights Coalition is a statewide, membership-based organization established to increase the visibility of human rights needs and violations, and to change laws and attitudes that stand as barriers to residents within North Dakota who do not currently enjoy their full rights.

About Give OUT Day and Horizons Foundation: Give OUT Day has provided vital unrestricted operating funds to organizations since its inception in 2013. Over 33,000 individual donors have contributed more than $4 million and supported more than 600 different organizations in every part of the country.

Give OUT Day is a project of Horizons Foundation. Founded as a community foundation of, by, and for LGBTQ people, Horizons has been supporting LGBTQ nonprofit organizations, leaders, and donors for nearly 40 years.


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