In 2015, employed women in North Dakota earn 70% of what men earn.  This pay equity is one of the largest in the United States of America.  This fact flies in the face of a bedrock American values: fairness and equity.

In real numbers the 2013 Census showed that the median earnings of North Dakota men were up to $49,231, an increase from $46,225 in 2012.  For women, the median earnings increased from $34,438 to $35,549.  Even in times of unprecedented job and economic growth in North Dakota the gender pay gap has not lessened. 

Lawmakers have introduced legislation that will ensure men and women receive equal compensation for their work. Rep. Kylie Oversen (D-Grand Forks) has introduced three bills, which will be heard in front of the House Industry, Business, and Labor Committee.

We need YOUR help to contact lawmakers that sit on this committee and ask for their favorable consideration of these bills. Rep. Oversen has said the bills will likely have a difficult time making it through committee.